Rahul Khan, IT Manager, India.

 Once, extremists pirated our websites and applications but the Charav team was able to restore and secure our platform in minutes. I really appreciate Charav for their efficiency and speed.

Pedro Gomez, Personal Banking Advisor, Brazil.

 To support the growing use of smartphones and tablets for online shopping and accessing bank accounts, we tested several antivirus applications to secure and protect the electronic devices of our clients. Charav antivirus has proved to be more effective than any other, as it scans and detects malware appropriately. Moreover, it is quick and easy to use even for older people and I suggest everyone to try Charav antivirus to believe on its effectiveness.

Marianne Vincent, Student, France.

 Because of sharing documents with my colleagues, my phone has become very unproductive and reacts strangely. Additionally, my email and Facebook accounts were hacked repeatedly. After a recommendation from a friend, I installed Charav antivirus, which helped my smartphone to get rid of a lot of viruses and it seems I have restored my private life. Thank you Charav Antivirus.

Amelia Brown, Lawyer, United Kingdom.

 It’s been four years since I am using Charav antivirus to secure my phone and tablet, as it is intolerable for me to let any malware attack my important documents. I trusted Charav antivirus and it has proved to be a great choice. I am satisfied.

David Heller, Director of Security, Exchange Company, New York, United States.

 Personally, I have used Charav antivirus since 2008 and after being convinced of the effectiveness, I recommended it to the CEO of my organisation in 2009. At present, more than 500 employees within my company are benefiting from the usefulness of Charav Antivirus for secured communications and to maintain the confidentiality of information.